Portraits by Dick Fish

The photographs here were shown in exhibition at the Brown Fine Arts Center, Smith College, in the Fall of 2009, and were chosen by photographer Dick Fish. Many of the portraits were made in the early 1960’s, and the titles and ranks reflect those held at that time.

In 1959, Thomas Corwin Mendenhall, then president of Smith College, named Mr. Fish College Photographer. He served in that position until 1971. Upon returning to the College in 1984, Fish resumed his practice of photographing ‘Smith Faces’ for publication.

The 16x20 exhibition prints were prepared digitally from scanned black and white negatives, while the color portraits were original digital images.

Smith College alumnae and staff were largely responsible for the organization and technical aspects of the exhibition, and for this Web presentation.

T. J. Leach ‘07
Volha Charnysh ‘09
Stacy Finkelstein, MFA
Imaging Center Staff